Winter Car Maintenance

13 Nov 2017

Keeping your car in good condition will improve your safety in wet, dark and icy conditions, and mean you’re better equipped to deal with delays caused by accidents, bad weather and breakdowns.

Visibility is a bigger issue in winter, with low sun and poor weather. Keep your windscreen clean both inside and out, use a 50% mix of good quality screen wash, renew worn wiper blades and always completely de-ice windows before setting off. Make sure your lights are working and clean, including indicators and brake lights.

Keeping your fuel and antifreeze topped up and battery well-maintained are travel essentials, while adding a squirt of WD-40 to locks, and polish or Vaseline to rubber door seals are handy hacks to stop them freezing over.

Clear any fallen leaves or debris from the plenum chamber (the tray area below the windscreen) as blockages can send backed up water into the car’s electrics. In frosty weather, make sure your wipers are off before you switch off the ignition. When you start up in the morning, you risk blowing a fuse if the blades are stuck to the windscreen.

Winter tyres aren’t essential in this country, as heavy snow and prolonged low temperatures aren’t common. However, you should make sure your tyres are in good condition and have plenty of tread.

See our Winter Preparations and Maintaining your Vehicle pages for more advice.

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