Bonfire Night

30 Oct 2017

Fireworks and bonfires are something to look forward to around November 5th, but there are a few road safety risks that you need to bear in mind. Follow our 5 simple tips to help keep everyone safe on and around the roads this Bonfire Night and beyond.

Be Bright Be Seen

Smoke from bonfires and firework displays can drift over roadways and research has shown that visibility reduces by around a quarter, or even more in humid conditions, due to air pollution. Be aware of this whether you are driving, walking or cycling – it will be harder to see and be seen. If you’re a pedestrian or cyclist, wear something bright and reflective to make yourself stand out to motorists. Motorists should reduce their speed to ensure they have more time to see other roads users and react in time.

Be Alert

There will be lots of children out and about, so be extra vigilant when driving in residential areas or near event sites. Animals can be spooked by fireworks and are more likely to bolt across the road, so drive with caution.

Don’t Get Distracted

Whatever you do, don’t be distracted by fireworks as you drive. It’s very tempting to take a look, but it only takes a moment’s inattention to cause an accident. At 30 mph, while looking up for 3 seconds to admire a rocket exploding, you will have travelled 40 metres, the length of 2 cricket pitches. In that time you could drift from your lane, miss a traffic signal or a child crossing the road. If there’s a great display going on, why not pull over somewhere safe and enjoy the show for a while.

Be Responsible

If you’re having a display, be mindful of the wind direction and make sure your bonfire smoke won’t obscure a highway. You could be fined if it drifts and becomes a danger to traffic.

Walk If You Can

If you’re planning to travel to a display, why not park away from the event and walk the final distance. It’ll help cut traffic volume and may be much less stressful, leaving you in a better mood to enjoy the spectacle.

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