Up To Speed

An interactive workshop session designed to help newly qualified drivers cope with the challenges of motorway driving.

Driving on a motorway is different from driving on any other road as motorways have their own signage, rules, and emergency regulations that you must adhere to. As a result, many people have concerns about, or even completely avoid, driving on them.

'Up To Speed' is Somerset Road Safety's programme offering drivers a chance to discuss the challenges of driving on the country's fastest roads. Why not take the opportunity and join us for a relaxed workshop designed to give drivers hints, tips, and strategies to enable them to drive safely on the motorway. We can even put you in touch with the advanced motoring groups who may offer you a free motorway driving session.

To book a place on the workshop simply send us an email  with your name and phone number and we will contact you to arrange a place on a one-hour workshop covering topics such as:

  • joining the motorway
  • overtaking
  • forward planning
  • lane discipline
  • what to do if you breakdown
  • what action to take in the event of an emergency

It will also give you an opportunity to ask about anything that you are not sure of, or that worries you about driving on motorways. Knowing what to do in theory will help you feel more confident when having to make journeys on the motorway. For a list of workshop dates please click here.

Having read the above, if you have any questions about the Up To Speed workshop please contact Somerset Road Safety on 01823 423430 for an informal chat with no obligation.





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